Day One – Life: it altered my resolutions

Dear You,

As much as it pains me to admit, every time a new year starts – I say something’s going to change about my day to day existence, I’m a sheep – don’t judge me. I say I am going to make that huge modification that will alter the course of my life forever. “I am going to work out everyday!” “I am going to get healthier!” “I am going to find love!” “I am going to make more money!” How often do the changes I come up with on the first day of the year come to fruition? Close to never… in the way I planned. (ahh see I cleverly set up a glimmer of hope which will hopefully coerce you into reading the rest of this to find out the twist to those generic resolutions)

So how do I ever grow and change my life? Well, it seems my life just does that without my pre-assigned January 1st Resolution. And I only notice it upon reflection of the year that just passed.

2016, as many people have stated, kinda sucked. Lots of crap happened in the world, and I mean a lot, from acts of terror and hate in all parts of the world, to beloved celebrities passing it seemed almost daily and a sad excuse for a man being elected the highest political position in my neighbouring country, to name a few global tragedies. 2016, also the year my father was diagnosed with cancer, and very likely the year I shed the most tears in my adult life, it’s been a hard year.

Another reason why 2016 was so tough for me was because I made so many decisions (see blog post about my disdain for decision-making). But, hey wait a second. I made those decisions! Even though I felt completely uncomfortable doing it – I did it! I’d call that growth. (that’s right, I am bragging about making decisions #lifegoals)

Looking at the major decisions I made, ONE. I quit my part-time status job in which I worked more than full-time hours to focus on the career stuff, evidence of which can be found plastered all over this website. I was only dedicating limited time to that ‘stuff’ prior to the quittage. Although quitting my restaurant job scared the living crap out of me (what is living crap? scary shit – HA!) because let’s face it – that job was satisfying the bills and all this other ‘stuff’ was satisfying my heart.

TWO. I made the decision to move away from the city I had lived in for the last six years, where I had created a community and network of professional and personal connections. I moved back to a smaller city that has always felt more like home, to be closer to family and to start placing down roots where I actually want to see something grow.

So far both massive, yet positive decisions but I was still in major fear zone because I had less money and less connections in the new city.  And if you’re thinking “well hey, now you’re in the new city, focus on work and save up some money” – OOPS – THREE. Adopted a puppy. (I’ll write a post about the puppy soon.)

So Recap: New City, Less Money, Less Connections, Two Mouths To Feed.  Yay Me!  It sounds like I’m complaining as I read this back – I think it’s just my lack of a professional writing style, I am very happy with my life and very thankful for what I have done over this past year.  Ok let’s put a positive cap on this post.

I now do what I love for a living, creating digital media in the form of graphics, websites, videos etc, full-time, and I got my very first 40 hour a week equivalent paycheque this last pay period of 2016. (Money)

Once I got to my new home in October 2016, I quit drinking and although its only been about 2.5 months – I feel great! (Health)

The way I feel about my new puppy, I didn’t know I could love something this much.  I’ve had him for about 2 months and I can’t imagine my life without him.  (Love) Oh and I walk him… everyday. (Exercise… BIYATCH)

Hey! Did 2016 wait until mid-October to put my generic resolutions into play? well yes, but it’s because of the decisions I made that, at the time, I felt had no connection at all to my resolutions.  And I wouldn’t have ever known if I didn’t reflect back on the year that on the surface, really fucking sucked.  I accomplished a lot, and I kicked this sad sack of crap year into shape with basically no time to spare.

So let’s go again generic resolutions – no expectations.  I’m talking to you 2017!  I want to get even healthier (you decide), I want to find more love (you choose), I want to create something spectacular (you pick), I want to make 2017 great for someone other than myself (you select who and how), and I want to laugh more – I didn’t laugh enough in 2016 for my liking (make me laugh 2017).  I look forward to reflecting on you in a year – show me what you got!



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