I'm a special kind of guy... at least that's what my mom tell me.

My Story


Knox has always been a creative individual from the time he was a young tot all the way until the Year 2092 when he will tragically pass while sleeping on a memory foam mattress dreaming of puppies, candy and hot men.  

Growing up attending a private mennonite high school as an openly gay man, Knox had to find the balance of exhibiting restraint while also always standing out in a crowd, granted the crowds were usually quite monotone.  He attributes these qualities to his stream line yet bold design aesthetic now.

He obtained his Bachelor of Design in Communications from Ryerson University, with a focus in Fashion.  Although the fashion aspect came more to Knox as a hobby, the techniques and skills he developed in Typography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Video Editing & Production are the main vehicle that let him do what he loves.

Currently, Knox works as a Digital Media Producer for several companies, in many different capacities.  From generating social media platforms for new start ups to producing and editing author's book trailers, Knox works best when he's creating artistic material that will cultivate joy from either his client or any that will view his carefully curated collections of media.

On the side, Knox also creates web videos on YouTube that often change formats and styles with his mood.